Unschooling the Schooled Parent

So I heard a lot about this “unschooling” method used in homeschooling. I decided to look into it and read a few articles concerning it to enlighten my understanding. You see, last year I had pulled my daughter out of public school in November due to a big move in our household. I taught her with a bunch of workbooks, library books and a lot of help from the internet. I would incorporate creative, fun ideas to make “school” fun however I always felt like I was competing with public school only not in their building or by their rules. This year, we started a new school year just after Labor Day and I just wasn’t feeling satisfied. I regretted that my daughter was always writing, doing worksheets or learning what I thought she needed to learn. I just felt like there must be so much more to bring out her love for learning.


Today, I feel fulfilled with our first day of “unschooling.” Through prayer and research I just decided to go through the day trusting that God would lead us. I let my daughter sleep in. When she woke up, I didn’t pressure her with time or bark any orders to her. While I prepped for dinner, she took it upon herself to water my hanging flowers, which took great effort considering her size. When she returned, I asked her to think of questions that pique her interest so we could learn together as we find the answers. To spur on her thinking process, I told her I wanted to start making natural candles to expand my natural product business and asked if she would be interested as well. She responded with excitement. Furthermore, I continued that we could both run the business together. Again, she happily agreed. I continued to ask her if she would be interested to bake with me and her enthusiasm caused me to prepare to bake bread immediately.


We gathered all the ingredients, she read the recipe and collected all the proper measuring cups and spoons. We practiced fractions including adding fractions since the flour is added by ½ cup increments until 6 cups of flour has been added. She tallied each ½ cup measurement and followed all the directions perfectly. She asked what yeast was so while we waited for the dough to rise, we looked it up and learned about yeast. We proceeded with our day by watching a DVD about the Truth about Halloween. Since we do not participate in it, I wanted her to know the reason in a deeper way and she was interested too. We learned a lot about the origins of Halloween. After the video, she went out to play and I researched on the best wax to use for candle-making. I came to the conclusion that since beeswax emits negative ions, it consequently helps to clean the indoor air. Later, I shared with my new “business partner” the science behind how negative ions reduce positive ions causing a better atmosphere to breathe in.


Today, not one book was opened but we read, learned History, Math, Science, followed directions, researched and grew in trust with one other more than ever. We ate the best homemade bread ever, too! No curriculum or classroom could ever replace the experience we had today and I am looking forward to many, many more.

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