Who are The King's Fishers?
God first gave us the name "The
King's Fishers" in 2005. This
name represents us as being the
hands that God uses to catch the
lost souls out of the fire of hell.
Jesus Christ is the King of kings
and we are His fishermen in this
world fishing for the souls of
men.  In Matthew 4:19, Jesus  
spoke to His disciples and said,
"Follow me and I will make you
fishers of men."

Furthermore, Jude 23 says, "save
others by snatching them from
the fire; to others show mercy,
mixed with fear—hating even the
clothing stained by corrupted
flesh." These two scriptures are
what The King's Fishers has
been founded upon.
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In 2005, the Lord gave us the vision
to start The King's Fishers
Ministries by first sending us back
to whence we had come. We were
sent out as missionaries and we
ended up traveling all around the
U.S. ,even into Canada, in a
converted school bus, sharing the
love of Christ with all we had met

God has called us and every other
Christian, to bring a ray of hope to
the hopeless.

In June 2012, God told us to feed
the homeless in San Bernardino,
CA. As we have obeyed, God has
faithfully provided the means for us
to minister in this area. However,
He desires to do so much more in
the lives of the less fortunate for He
has plans of peace for them, to give
them a future and a hope (Jer.
The King's Fishers Ministries
"serving the hopeless a RAY OF HOPE"
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