The Beginning of The King's Fishers Ministries

The Early Years

It all began around this time (see picture above) when two misfits (Richard and Tracey
who were known as Tripster and Sister Moon at that time) were hitch-hiking around
the country searching for the truth. The world may have looked down upon them but
God saw them and He loved them (Romans 5:8). He revealed His truth to them, "Jesus
said to him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except
through Me' (John 14:6)." The Lord had a hope and a future for those two souls
according to Jeremiah 29:11. He radically saved Richard and Tracey on Easter Sunday
in 1994 (2 Corinthians 5:17). They loved the Lord and hungered for Him. They also
loved each, got married and a year later had their first-born son, Joshua (left) and a
couple of years later , they had another son named Zachary (right).

The Call

In 2005, God rocked their world that they were creating. This intense shaking caused
them to seek the face of Jesus for wisdom and direction. God spoke and He was calling
them out to return to the people they used to party with but now to share the truth
with them. He first spoke to Tracey that they were to go to the National Rainbow
Gathering but she refused to tell her husband because she wanted to know for sure
that this call was indeed from God. You see, Richard and Tracey who were once hippies
in the 90's, had transformed into a more conservative lifestyle (see below). God spoke
the exact same call to Richard and when he told Tracey what was  spoken to him, they
were in awe of God's revelation and rejoiced in their journey ahead. They found out
that the Gathering was in West Virginia which was not too far away since they lived in
Michigan. They decided that they would just go to The Gathering and leave the boys
with their grand-parents in Canada.

Fulfilling the Call

Several hours of driving in the heat of a July afternoon had past. Richard and Tracey
arrived at their first Rainbow Gathering in which they had not attended in about eleven
years. Their first emotion was an overwhelming rush of intimidation as they viewed the
various cultures flocking to the entrance of the national forest.

They continued to walk into the enemy's camp with only their beloved dog held by a
leash and an assurance that God was with them. Immediately at the trail head, the
presence of all the strange spirits were discerned by the two, as idols were worshiped
and demonic rituals were practiced.  A nervousness came upon them which shouted
doubt offering temptations to retreat back to their comfort-zone... home. However,
they stopped, put their eyes back on Jesus and asked God to direct them to the
Christian camps. They kept walking up the path, passing camp after camp. Finally,
they came to a camp called Living Waters. Tracey was completely discouraged by this
time, but Richard  asked her to just trust him.  Someone approached them asking if
they needed help. Before they left for The Gathering, Richard had previously spoke on
the phone with other Christians who were coming to The Gathering as well. All they
knew were the Christians' names and where they lived. The young lady that
approached them,  told them where they could go to camp and then they came across
this man with very long dreadlocks and beard. The initial thoughts of Richard and
Tracey were that this was another pot-smoking hippie.  He gently asked them if he
could help them and Richard blurted out two of the names of the Christians that he had
remembered. The man declined that he was the first person but he was definitely the
second person Richard mentioned.

Here, God showed them that they were in the midst of another brother in Christ but
they couldn't look past his appearance to see that. A spirit of religion had blinded them
over the years therefore over that weekend they did a lot of repenting and seeking
God. God broke that bondage over them and He instructed them to make some changes
in them. He told Tracey to start growing dreadlocks and Richard grew out his hair and
got a septum piercing. Meanwhile at this Gathering the new freedom felt by the couple,
gave them a new fire within causing an increased love for the lost and a boldness. They
met some beautiful people and new Godly relationships were made. Two older couples
that they had met,  propositioned Richard and Tracey to move to North Carolina and
help pioneer a Bible community on an unestablished farm (see pic on bottom right) God
had already stirred Richard and Tracey to leave and go out in faith but they didn't have
any details yet. God had just revealed the details of where He wanted them to go...The

After 9 months of preparation in North Carolina at The Farm, Richard, Tracey, Josh
and Zack went off onto the road in surrender to where the Lord would bring them.
They learned how to live in a deeper faith than they ever have before. Through all their
tests on this journey of faith, God always provided for them in miraculous ways.